Course Summary - BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) exercise is an emerging field that is creating new opportunities for all levels of Health Care Professionals in the USA. 

B3 Sciences is leading the way in BFR with BFR Bands called B3 Bands. ~ 26,000 health care professionals, personal trainers, health coaches, athletes, teenagers, adults and seniors are experiencing excellent results with B3 Bands.

Learning how to use and implement BFR will be an important skill needed by anyone in the world of health care, rehabilitation, exercise, wellness and fitness.

B3 Sciences will present a 6-hour training course designed to give the student a solid foundation and understanding to implement BFR into their treatment protocols.

The training course will consist of discussing history and sciences of BFR, practical applications, contraindications, and more.

Following the course, the student will be ready to implement BFR with B3 Bands into exercise and rehab protocols.

Taught by Dr. Mike DeBord

Dr. Mike DeBord, President B3 Sciences

Dr. Mike DeBord is a former Chiropractor and owned his own Chiropractic and Performance Center for 15 years.

Dr. Mike discovered BFR bands in 2016 and shortly after started building B3 sciences. He has 5 years of use, research and experience using and applying BFR, as well as 5 years of reviewing over 300 papers, studies, and reviews of BFR. Dr. Mike has vast knowledge of the entire BFR industry. He has 4 years of experience educating Clinics, PTs, Doctors, and ATCs on how to implement BFR, and is a consultant to many sports HS, Collegiate, Olympic and Professional Sports Teams.

Dr. Mike is one of the top experts in the world in BFR. He teaches a BFR Certification course to Health Professionals, Trainers, Athletes, and everyday people in all 50 states.

Rehab Better

BFR with B3 Bands Used in Rehab and Therapy

Protocols don’t change, you still do the same exercises

Your patients & clients achieve a more efficient & deeper muscle fatigue

Patients love BFR, they immediately notice a positive pump and light burn in their muscles

B3 Bands are safe & have been proven in safety studies due to the multi-air-chamber design

Therapists and Rehab Centers all across the USA have implemented B3 Bands

Why is Growth Hormone Important?

Typical rehab cannot create a fatigue in fast twitch muscle fibers

Without activation & fatigue of fast twitch fibers, there is no increased growth hormone

Injured and repaired tissues heal slower without the benefit of growth hormone

BFR allows you to access and fatigue the fast twitch muscle fibers

This activates post exercise growth hormone & healing time increases significantly

Return to normal muscle strength and function increases significantly

Why is Nitric Oxide important?

Typical rehab cannot create a deep enough muscle hypoxia to release nitric oxide

Injured and repaired tissues experience reduced blood flow which slows healing

The hypoxia created by BFR is similar to high intensity exercise, which promotes nitric oxide

Increased nitric promotes increase blood flow to the tissues

Better blood flow results in faster clearing of inflammation and faster healing

BFR Course for Rehab and Exercise

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